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The manifesto of the WEBUILD Energiesparmesse - energyexpo Wels


It is high time for a change in thinking – if we want to pass on to our children a world in which they do not only have to live, but also want
to live. For 35 years, Energiesparmesse Wels has been a trade fair for visionaries and unconventional thinkers, for renewable energies, energy efficiency as well as sustainable and innovative construction.

However, saving energy is not enough anymore. Today we are reshaping our future. And the WEBUILD becomes the focal point of this movement and this change in thinking. For even in a digital future there are things whose value is only realized when you experience them in real life.

For this reason, the WEBUILD is more than a fair. It is a commitment to progress, innovation and a future worth living. It is an invitation to all humans who would like to perceive their environment in a reflected way, make a change or contribution and take an active role.

It is the platform on which future-proof trends can be experienced, on which the vision of a better future is innovatively realized. It is the leading fair for top brands and start-ups, a meeting point for professionals and all people who wish to expand their know-how and gain insights as well as outlooks.

WEBUILD is the beginning of a better and worthwhile future, of an innovative and sustainable future. A platform on which this future can
be experienced for real. Whatever you build – it will someday be your future heritage.


The manifesto...