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Energiesparmesse 27.02 - 03.03.2019
Handwerk 13. - 16.03.2019
Kuchenmesse 29. - 31.03.2019
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Meeting Point Prefabricated House – Easy, Fast, Reliable
The competence and the know-how of the experts of Buchner, Griffner, Haas, Hartl, Hausverstand Bau, Mittermayr Holzbau, Vario Bau, Wolf, Wunsch Haus, but also of the Austrian Association for Prefabricated Houses and of Fertighauszentrum Blaue Lagune are concentrated at the “Meeting Point Prefabricated House” (Treffpunkt Fertighaus) in hall 1, one focal point of the trade fair sector CONSTRUCTION. With the companies in halls 3, 4 and 5 about 25 prefabricated house and complete house providers are going to be present at Energiesparmesse-expoEnergy in 2019.

Watch out for the cube when building a prefabricate house
The membership companies of the Austrian Association for Prefabricated Houses place great emphasis on quality. Companies which have been awarded the "Gütezeichen Fertighaus" (Quality Label for Prefabricated Houses) have fulfilled all quality criteria arising from the quality supervision by independent testing institutes. At the Meeting Point Prefabricated House, home builders will recognize good-quality companies by the cube which carries the Quality Label for Prefabricated Houses and the logo of the Austrian Association for Prefabricated Houses. This label is a guarantee of technical quality and offers a variety of additional securities for future prefabricated house owners such as a fixed price guarantee, advance payment arrangements and a free-of-charge, state-recognized ombudsman institution to clarify any questions, concerns or problems. Prefabricated houses of tested quality which have been produced by a member of the Austrian Association for Prefabricated Houses offer a higher degree of safety.

Halls 1 - 5

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